The missing piece of Community Healthcare

While we celebrate and embrace healthcare reform, we must all accept the realization that it won't work without the missing piece of community healthcare because it is THE key discipline that engages people where they are most vulnerable to sickness and disease . . . . in their homes.

There is no way that our nation's healthcare system can service 34 million "new " patients in our hospitals, clinics, physicians offices or any other facility -- we are going to have to take healthcare "to" them. And those on the front line of delivering that care will be those who are on the frontline in hospitals, clinics, physician's offices and other healthcare facilities -- nurses. As a 35 year veteran of nursing and care management, and president of an agency that provides skilled and nonskillednursing and therapy services to children and adults, I know first-hand that educating nurses in community health will be an essential element to equipping them for the task at hand.

During my years at Hampton University I received invaluable training in community healthcare. With the glut of nurses that are graduating from nursing programs today, all who need employment, far too manyhave not been equipped with the depth and intensity of community healthcare trainingneeded to provide quality cost effective care in this area.

Awakened healthcare providers -- we asked for change. Well it's here -- Thank God!! I have a renewed commitment to Promoting Healthy People and am ready to give voice in this blog and through other avenues to help us work together to, not only fulfill the laws enacted by healthcare reform, but participate in the development of a system of healthcare that focuses on prevention and wellness versus sickness and disease. That means making the changes necessary in our healthcare systems so that we can enhance and ensure quality, affordable healthcare for all. Community health education for nurses is a definite catalyst. What do you think?

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Very interesting thank you
Posted by : Lisa - Thursday, October 21, 2010
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