Welcome 2011 with a Plan

2010 has been a catalyst for noting the critical role that homecare must play in our nation’s health systems, and in particular in the state of Illinois. The passing of the Affordable Care Act has fueled this turning point, forcing a closer examination of the fragmented "sick care” versus healthcare that has been provided to the public aid population.

What are you doing to prepare for 700,000+ people that will become Illinois Medicaid patients next month because of the Affordable Healthcare Act?

This month I was asked to speak on behalf of the Illinois HomeCare and Hospice Council at a public hearing on Medicaid reform. It was an honor to represent my colleagues and a true Godsend that the IHHC included the model of community healthcare that Awakened Alternatives has been sacrificing and investing heavily to create and promote. Thank God we are almost at a point where we will be implementing elements of this model in the coming year through a program with the Illinois Health and Family Services.

Much of the work done in home healthcare is focused on treatment of the acute medical concern, however, an initial assessment is completed on all patients that addresses the psycho-social needs of each client as well. Unfortunately, psycho-social assessment is where the work begins and ends in most cases. Skilled nursing and therapies are asked to go in and treat the immediate problem with very little, or no, attention paid to those factors that may contribute to the patient's ability to get and stay well. Nor is any attention given to factors that may lead to the next acute episode which lands a person back in the emergency room or hospital. This fragmented healthcare practice contributes to the lack of quality and efficiency in our healthcare system.

Continuing our system as it is today will continue to result in the skyrocketing cost of healthcare through inappropriate emergency room visits, avoidable hospitalizations, lack of compliance with prescribed treatment regimes, and less than ideal health outcomes. In order to begin the process of creating a healthcare system that provides quality care while realizing long term cost effectiveness, Awakened Alternatives has developed and submitted a four point plan to the powers that be.

For more information, please contact me – or post your comment or idea for enhancing Illinois Medicaid. I know I’m not alone in making plans to improve our healthcare system.

We are ready to welcome 2011 with a plan that will start with enhancing the healthcare of Medicaid patients – and we’re preparing to address Medicare and beyond.

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