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Start Caring Before It’s Too Late

Taste buds are a wonderful side-benefit to food consumption. One, it provides a sensual pleasure for the palate and two, it allows for distinction between food items - which directly correlates to our likes and dislikes.

But there is a purpose for food beyond the fact that it tastes good. If we don’t eat whole foods, our biological mechanisms will eventually fail, so it is a basic matter of survival. Unfortunately, some of us only search for things that taste good: chips, gooey desserts (this includes your favorite frappucino) and anything that starts with "fried.”

Potato chips for example, which are high in sodium, causes fluid retention and fluid retention happens to be best friends with high blood pressure.

It can’t happen to you though, right? Well high blood pressure affects nearly 65 million adults in the United States. And guess what? Many people have it but don’t know it.

See the body is a miraculous machine, unlike any and each organ inside works feverishly to keep you alive. You feed it the unhealthiest items imaginable, and forgivingly it still rewards you. To keep you alive, it digs for any nutrient it can find from those unhealthy items consumed.

What happens though when enough is enough? What happens when your organs are no longer forgiving and they shut down?

The answer is simple, your quality of life is snatched away from you and the simple pleasures you currently enjoy (i.e. taking a walk along the lakefront with a significant other) will be light years away from your reach.

So moving forward with your life and while searching for things that taste good, remember that the functions and mechanisms of our body thrive on whole food nutrition.

Before I made the switch, I feared that in switching over to a whole-foods based diet, the food wouldn’t taste good. While there was an adjustment period for my palate, I soon found that when I tasted food in its natural state, I didn’t want to go back.

I FEEL better. I THINK better. And I LOOK better.

So remember the purpose of food, and base your daily dietary decisions on nutritional common sense.

Your health trumps everything, so start caring before it’s too late.

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