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Promoting HealTHY People
by Genevieve Thomas, RN, MSN
Oct 01 at 10:25am | 0 comments
Taste buds are a wonderful side-benefit to food consumption. One, it provides a sensual pleasure for the palate and two, it allows for distinction between food items - which directly correlates to our likes and dislikes.

But there is a purpose for food beyond the fact that it tastes good.
Sep 17 at 3:26pm | 0 comments
Remember the following number: 43,949. Wrigley Field, with a capacity of 41,159, would break more municipal fire codes in a day than Sammy Sosa did baseball records in his career, if it tried to house 43,949 people. U.S. Cellular Field isn’t exactly ideal either, it only holds 40,615. So it’s safe to say...
Apr 06 at 1:54pm | 0 comments

This week spearheaded the Supreme Court debate over the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act -the Obama Administration’s landmark legislation...

Jan 04 at 11:25am | 0 comments
2010 has been a catalyst for noting the critical role that homecare must play in our nation’s health systems, and in particular in the state of Illinois. The passing of the Affordable Care Act has...
Oct 26 at 1:33pm | 1 comments
While we celebrate and embrace healthcare reform, we must all accept the realization that it won't work without the missing piece of community healthcare...
Sep 22 at 9:37am | 0 comments

As the population of those eligible to enter the pool for healthcare dramatically increases due to government reform, all healthcare professionals, and nurses in particular, must significantly enhance their...

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