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About AAE

About Awakened Alternatives Enterprises: Company History
Our Start
In 1992, an experienced registered nurse resigned from her executive role in the corporate sector to found a company that offered high quality and cost-effective healthcare to the Chicagoland area. The company aimed to maximize prevention, independence, wellness and appropriate utilization. The registered nurse started the company in the basement of her home, with very little staff and in fewer than five years grew the company to millions of dollars in revenue. Her name? Genevieve D. Thomas, RN, MSN. Located in Flossmoor, Illinois the new enterprise was named Awakened Alternatives Enterprises, Inc. (AAE).       
A Growing Reputation
Over the next decade, the organization evolved into a comprehensive community healthcare management company that implemented a cutting-edge model of care that has achieved optimal health outcomes. The successful model integrates the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of a patient's life in one's most vulnerable environments -- the home and community.
The innovative community healthcare management model serving the Illinois Public Aid population is called H ealthy Life Planning (   HELP sm  ) . HeLP focuses on prevention and intervention across the healthcare continuum. It not only addressed the healthcare needs of our patients, but also the financial implications of healthcare decision making.
AAE Today
Today, AAE has grown from the basement of the Thomas' home into an organization with the capacity to service the entire Chicagoland area -- and has done so for over 20 years. The company's philosophy has remained unchanged since its creation by Genevieve D. Thomas in 1992: focusing on a person in their home environment results in a greater level of self-directed behavior -- that ultimately leads to less costly, primary levels of care.

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